Villageoise X Arreyof Holiday Collection

About Us

 I created Villageoise, because I want to share a piece of myself with the world. Admittedly, it took me quite a while to get to this point and quite a while to realize that this was something I truly wanted for myself. Even though I’ve always considered myself a created person I always felt more analytic than creative. In school I was good at math and okay at English. I could write well but had difficulties with interpretation, I now realize that was based on cultural differences. Sometimes my drawings and paintings were good but only when i was in the right mood. I figured I couldn't make a living doing something I needed to be in the right mood for. I majored in Biology in college, believing that the medical profession was my path. After getting my degree I no longer saw that for myself.



  The first time I used a sewing machine was in High school, maybe around 2013. I made a basic circle skirts for a cultural convention I attended yearly, with my parents. I had outgrown all the pieces my mom had made before we left Cameroon, both mine and my sister's. There was left over cloth from the wrappa my mom had sewn together for my dad. Seeing my mom sew intrigued me and I wanted to make something. She told me not to waste the cloth, so I tried my best and made two circle skirts for my best friend Daniela and I. I struggled with the zipper, and almost gave up sewing for good. On the millionth try I got a functioning zipper, that was good enough for me. 

The next items I made were for a cultural talent show at my best friend's high school, that year and the next. I made ill-fitted shorts and scrunchies we used as anklets. For a long time after that I didn't sew, i made small alterations of various clothings items but nothing more.


It wasn't until college when i decided I was tired of buying dresses and I would make my military ball dress. It would be exactly what I wanted and and fit the way i wanted it to. After making that dress, i made a few other items, some tops, skirts, and accessories. I haven't stopped since. 

Villageoise launched on September 19th 2020. After years of putting it off i finally decided that it was ten or never. where ever i started there would be nowhere else to go but up. For a long time i put it off because I was never quite ready. I was worried about inventory and time and legal things. nothing ever seemed to be perfect and it would never be that way so I needed to start somewhere.